Do you want silky soft skin?


I have always had a problem with my skin. Rough, bumpy, and dry. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun! From expensive lotions to home remedies.

One day I am walking around my neighborhood Walgreens picking up something I needed, when I noticed this bright pink fixture near the makeup area. I immediately notice the cute vintage labeling! I grab a bottle and it says “Yes, you can have it all… soft, smooth sexy skin whenever you want it, just CLEAN ON ME”.  The brand is Soap & Glory!cropped-img_9639.jpg

I think okay I will try it! It is only 10 bucks. Before I try it for the first time I took a picture and see if there was any difference in a week. I washed like I normally do. I like to exfoliate my body to get rid of all the dead skin. So a week goes by and man!!!! Just look for yourself.


This is my chest! Look at the clarity! I was super impressed! now for the small cons I had about the product. My skin didn’t feel softer and the pump isn’t my favorite, I felt like I had to pump a million times in order to get the amount I needed. Since my skin did not feel softer I thought, what the heck I’m gonna go check out another of their products! I will let you guys know how that went!

-xoxo Miss Wendy Lou